July 19, 2018
Stanton DeFreitas would love it if everyone made a greater effort to broaden their horizons in every possible way; not just culturally, but also spiritually and academically, because that is the surest way to reduce conflict between people and cultures. That is why he is becoming a writer. Stanton DeFreitas wants to communicate his vision to people on many issues, including some that are among the most important to society. He loves to write about international current events, international travel, international sports and even personal health and wellness because they matter.

Some cultures may have solutions to other culture’s problems, but Stanton DeFreitas realizes we'll never know that if we all stay inside our own cultural bubble. His own childhood, in which he was exposed to and experienced a wide variety of cultures and traditions, is what turned Stanton DeFreitas into a great businessman, and he thinks that will turn him into a great writer, as well. He wants to share all the knowledge he has gained over the course of his life with the world, in a way that makes life work better for everyone.